2016-08-05 ShowCase: Joe & Carolyn

Destination: Prince Edward Island, Canada!


The only thing better than getting back home for a visit after eight years of absence is getting back home to do a wedding for some dear family friends.  When the question came in from the groom’s mother whether there might be a chance I would be willing to make the trip back to the Maritimes (Canada’s east coast) to do a wedding, I wasted no time in answering ‘yes, yes, YES!!’  The fact that the wedding was to take place on the island province of Prince Edward Island (PEI) made it extra special. PEI is a popular summer vacation destination for many visitors and is well known for its warm hospitality, delicious local seafood- especially lobster- and its white sand beaches.

Joey & Carolyn decided to get married on the beach on the north shore of the island and then close the day off with the dinner and dance in the province’s capital of Charlottetown. With outdoor weddings in general, you just never know for certain if everything will work out as planned, especially where the weather is concerned.  Joey & Carolyn had perfect weather the whole week leading up to and including their day, and so it helped my efforts greatly in getting the results you see below.

Just wanted to thank the Henderson and MacKenzie clans once again for having entrusted this important occasion to me and I hope you all enjoy this little preview!





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