Romantic, playful, chique: Welcome to the concept of the pre-wedding photoshoot!

I’ve been wanting to blog about my pre-wedding sessions for quite some time now, considering I’ve been doing them for about 20 years (not joking!), but there always seems to be something that takes priority over it. And then I go out and shoot a killer couple and the photographs are really really terrific BUT… I get too caught up in the post-processing and wind up delivering the images to the clients and the blog gets shoved to the back of the line again.

This time I decided to finally just do something about it and so I thought I would pull some highlights out of a number pre-wedding photo-shoots and present them all together here in one blog. Not too much text but plenty of photographs to browse through.

Let’s start with the name: ‘pre-wedding’ shoot. The funny thing is, you don’t need to have any wedding plans at all to do one of these. It does kind of help when you do have a boyfriend or girlfriend, whatever- to get photographed with. Or heck, you might even be already married- that’s no problem either! That is, after all, the whole point: to take the time to quietly celebrate being ‘together’.

A good photographer should be able to perform under pretty much all different kinds of circumstances on a wedding day, but from a couple’s perspective, the photoshoot on the wedding day isn’t always the most stress-free moment of the day- it should be lots of fun, but you will be doing a time check every 15 minutes because IT’S YOUR WEDDING DAYand you’ve got lots of great stuff planned!

To keep it short here, I like to have the chance to photograph my clients without them feeling any pressure at all. If they can just relax and enjoy themselves, the photographs will always speak for themselves. It’s a lot easier than you think!



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