WPJA 2010 4th Quarter Competition results are in…..

This is actually a re-post as I’m just recovering from a ‘hosting’ crash and the last several posts needed to be manually replaced. So here goes!

I like to call this ‘beginner’s luck’. Although I’ve been a member of the Wedding PhotoJournalist Association for more than a year, this was this first time ever in participating in one of their competitions. My colleague Gerhard had been after me for ages to join- he hauls in ‘points’ all the time. You earn points through placing in the top 20 in the contests. At the end of the year the photographer with the most points makes a chance for the title of Photographer of the Year. These competitions are held 4 times per year and are open to WPJA members throughout the world. When you do manage to place in the top 20 then it makes you think ‘Hey, I can’t be all that bad!’

I’m especially pleased for the people in the photographs- it’s nice to be able to show them how special their photographs are not only to them, but also to a professional jury.

I’m already looking forward to taking part in the next quarterly competition. And a special congrats to Gerhard for having placed 14th in the Category ‘Food & Beverage’!

WPJA 2010 4th Quarter Competition- Category 'Kids'

WPJA 2010 4th Quarter Competition- Category 'Engagement Shoots'



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