Carpe diem: One of Life’s most important lessons.

Last weekend I received a call from a close friend of ours, Linda. She’s a (semi-) single mom with two boys, Melle and Conor. About a month or so ago, Linda was confronted with an acute but serious illness that had her hospitalized for a couple weeks. There was a point that we were all very, very concerned as to whether or not she could recover, but thankfully there was a happy ending to the story. Her boys were also very worried about their mom, so Linda decided that when she got better that one of the first things she’d do is take them up for a ride in a hot-air balloon. It was meant as a gesture of bringing them a little closer to heaven so they could see that it’s not such a scary place after all.

And this was the point of the phone call- if I would like to come and photograph the moment for them. There was no hesitating in giving an answer. That really is one of the best things about photographing people and more importantly photographing families: not only having but especially cherishing the opportunity to be together. We do tend to take that for granted especially when seeing each other doesn’t take much effort, but it doesn’t mean that life will continue to offer such convenient circumstances. Perhaps Linda realized this and wanted to make the most of her ‘second chance’. Personally, I believe every day is a gift full of chances, it’s up to ourselves to make the most of those moments.

Below are some of the results from such a day earlier this week. I hope you enjoy the photographs.

Many thanks to for the professional piloting and safe & pleasurable journey!



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